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Created by the Australian Studio

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Our Core Value

“Multicultural Policy” is one of the most important commitments in the Australia Education System. Australia schools value the community harmony, intercultural understanding development, and inclusive teaching practices. Over a hundred years, Chinese immigrants from different regions with different culture background have joined this country, and now is the second largest migrant community in Australia. By these Australia shared values, “ToneOZ” build tools and Apps for Chinese teaching with different varieties.
過去一百多年間有來自不同區域不同文化背景的華人在澳洲落腳生根,澳洲2016人口普查顯示華語僅次於英文為第二大通行語言,佔2.5%。澳大利亞的教育精神是強調民族多樣性,包容性,肯定多元文化。澳洲保留各語言的特色,同時增進不同語言使用者之間的相互了解, 維持族群和諧。「澳聲通」以這樣的澳洲價值為出發點,來製作符合不同背景的教學工具。

From “Australian Citizenship – Our Common Bond” : “…Australia’s national language is English. It is part of our national identity… Other languages are also valued, including more than 100 distinct Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages…”
摘自 “澳洲公民身分 – 我們的共同紐帶 ” :「…澳洲的國語是英語,是國家認同的一部份。… 我們同樣重視其它非英語語種,包括100多種不同的土著和托雷斯海峽島民語言。…」



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Opensource License

本服務使用下列第三方開源軟體, 詳細授權如下
ToneOZ uses opensource software provided by the following third parties

Chinese Mandarin Data



About the mandarin phonetic, traditional and simplified characters data in the service ToneOZ:

Our data includes 20902 mandarin characters, which cover the Unicode CJK Unified Ideographs segment 4E00-9FA5, including all in the Commonly used Chinese characters table.

For the phonetic and the mapping between traditional and simplified Chinese, our original data are from the project “pinyin4js”, and then adjusted by comparing with the data from Kangxi, Wiktionary, and other Dictionary data from internet search results, in order to cover the Chinese heteronyms as much as we can.

本服務以「彙編 」(百科全書) 的形式來使用下列第三方 開源 或 創用CC 數據, 詳細授權如下
ToneOZ uses opensource or Creative Commons licensed data provided by the following third parties under the condition of “Collection (encyclopedias)”:

  1. CC-CEDICT by Paul Denisowski and cc-cedict.org (English-Chinese dictionary since 1997 英語世界最大的開源英漢辭典)

    License: CC BY-SA 4.0

  2. Jieba by FXSJY (Chinese text segmentation system 大陸結巴中文分詞系統)

    MIT License

  3. 國語辭典 by language.moe.gov.tw (Ministry of Education Mandarin Chinese Dictionary 國語教學標準字典)

    CC BY-ND 3.0 License

  4. pinyin4js by sbiger (Chinese characters to pinyin 漢字多音字拼音查詢)

MIT License

ToneOZ Dictionary Data Source

Chinese dictionary data are sourced and licensed from language.moe.gov.tw (Ministry of Education Mandarin Chinese Dictionary「國語辭典簡編本」「重編國語辭典 修訂本」「成語典」) under CC BY-ND 3.0 License.

English dictionary data are sourced and licensed from CC-CEDICT under CC BY-ND 3.0 License .

相關資料採「創用CC-姓名標示- 禁止改作 3.0 臺灣授權條款」釋出本授權條款允許使用者重製、散布、傳輸著作(包括商業性利用),但不得修改該著作,使用時必須遵照「使用說明」之內容要求。

ToneOZ Licenses

About the license of the “ToneOZ Dabase” :

1. The text and pronunciation data in the ”ToneOZ Database“ are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-SA 4.0) (data download) , while the original data are licensed from Sources 1,2, and 3 as mentioned above.
中文繁簡詞彙與語音資料採用「創用CC姓名標示BY相同方式分享SA」授權。 您可免費使用「澳聲通詞庫(下載)」,個人或商業使用均可。

2. The external lookup table (Traditional, Simplified, Phonetic Chinese) and the search program in this “ToneOZ Database” are parts of another tool “Phonetic Chinese Article Editor ToneOZ.COM“. They are copyright protected intellectual properties of the Australian company “Tone A To Z”. Copy or link to these libraries are prohibited.
數據庫以外的繁簡發音查表及搜尋引擎程序,屬於本公司的另一個教學工具「拼音注音編輯器 ToneOZ.COM」,尚未開放授權第三方使用。