Usage(English): ToneOZ Google Slides Add-ons

How does ToneOZ use your data (Google Slides)?

1. Type Chinese characters in the “ToneOZ Add-ons”, ToneOZ will auto attach Chinese phonetic alphabets “Pinyin” or “Zhuyin” on the Chinese characters.

2. Click the export buttons and then . ToneOZ will generate an image with Pinyin and Zhuyin meta data, and insert them into your Google Slides. You can use it as a normal image and share your document with your friends. People don’t have to install anything and they can see/read ToneOZ images in your document as the same format you see.

3. To edit the image later, click the import button. ToneOZ will read back the Pinyin and Zhuyin meta data. You can modify your data in ToneOZ Add-ons and export them again.

4. ToneOZ only read the meta data in the text box grouped with the ToneOZ image, we don’t read anything else from your document. Your data is only processed in your browser, we don’t send anything back to the ToneOZ server.

How to install ToneOZ Google Slides Add-ons?

In Google Slides menu, select “Add-ons -> Get Add-ons”, search “ToneOZ” and click install.