Partial Modify Font and Words 局部修改字型與詞組

Instead of applying font or color to all the characters, you can also apply settings to partial characters. e.g.: Apply Font settings on selected characters only.
您可以只改變一部分文章的設定, 例如例句中, 只把「花盤」這兩個字改成顯示拼音, 並設定為紅色宋體字型.

If you are using a desktop PC, just drag your mouse to select. If you are using a mouseless phone or tablet, you can select by click the「開始選取」in the menu, and then swipe on the screen to select.
使用桌機滑鼠便可直接拖曳選取局部文章. 如果您的裝置沒有滑鼠, 請改點選昨上角選單中的「開始選取」, 然後以手勢滑動螢幕即可選取.

In order to improve the auto orthography, you can group words manually.

e.g.: “有天台北下雨”
“有 天台 北 下雨” : Auto 自動
“有天 台北 下雨” :Manual 手動