Large Pinyin 拼音注音放大



ToneOZ can apply enlarge Pinyin or Zhuyin only, with font and color effects combined. Choose Pinyin or Zhuyin in the “Area Select”, and then click the menu “TT” to select a magnify ratio. After enlarged the pinyin zhuyin, please also adjust the line and word spacing from the “字距行距” menu to make it balance.
ToneOZ可單獨放大拼音或注音, 同時搭配字型及顏色變化. 請先在 「區域選擇」點選拼音或注音, 再點選「TT」選單選擇放大倍率. 放大倍率設置後, 請調整字距行距到適當效果.

Click “所有倍率還原” to reset the magnify ratio in all 3 areas (Pinyin, Zhuyin, and character).
點選「所有倍率還原」可以將 拼音、注音、漢字 三個區域的放大效果一起還原.

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