Enlarged Chinese Tone Marks 朗讀記號

There are 5 tones in Chinese. To master Chinese reading, tones are very important. ToneOZ suppors to put enlarged tone marks on the top of each Chinese characters, in order to help students for pronunciation practice.
中文有「一二三四輕」五種聲調. 學習聲調對於母語非中文的學生是很難但很重要的挑戰. 澳聲通支援在漢字上方加上放大的聲調符號, 來幫助學生學習.

Options include:

Show/Hide Pinyin 顯示漢語拼音

You can hide the pinyin and leave with only the tone marks

Tone Stroke 選擇符號筆觸

Use serif stroke or sans serif (width fixed) stroke

Shorten Tone 3 縮短三聲符號

Shortehn the tone 3 mark to remind students to pronounce it shortly
聲調三聲稱為「上聲」, 宜短不宜拖長. 縮短三聲符號以提醒學生此重點.

Show Tone 5 顯示輕聲符號

Originally there is no tone 5 mark in Pinyin. This option will mark a short stroke for tone 5.
輕聲一般在標準漢語拼音的規範中是沒有聲調符號的. 此選項可以用一個短橫線來提示輕聲.

Color by Tone 依聲調著色

Please refer to “Color by Tone“. You can apply this setting for tone marks only.
請參照「依照聲調上色」. 朗讀記號可以獨立使用不同的色彩設定.

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