Zhuyin Pinyin 拼音注音编辑器

Intro 简介

繁体 / 简体 / English

    Features 功能

    • Auto add Pinyin or Zhuyin to Chinese words
      自动加上 汉语拼音 或 注音

    • Auto correction for Chinese Heteronyms & Orthography
      自动破音校正, 汉语拼音正词法

    • Support both Common Tongue & National Language
      校正音可选择 普通话 或 国语

    • Support Color by tone

    • Support Google fonts

    • Compatible with All Editors, output transparent background images
      输出透明背景图档, 相容各种App编辑软体

    ” ToneOZ ” is :

    “ToneOZ” is a graphical Pinyin editor designed for Chinese teachers. The editor can attach Pinyin to the top “AND/OR (user adjustable)” Zhuyin to the right of the characters, with a beautiful layout and alignment. ToneOZ converts these characters and symbols to an image with transparent background, you can copy and paste the image to any other document / software easily. The Pinyin and Zhuyin symbol will stay with the document after copied to any other devices. Special font installation is not required.
    ToneOZ 编辑器是为了帮助华语教师而设计的,不需要安装额外字型,输入或贴上中文,会自动上标汉语拼音,右标注音,整齐排版方便阅读,可选择只显示拼音或注音。最后帮你存为透明背景图档,输出到任何其他文书处理软体来编写文件,文件传送到其他电脑可完全正确显示。

    We also support many useful features. e.g.: Heteronym (multiple pronunciation options for single Chinese character), Manual phonetic tone modification, switch between horizontal and vertical writing directions, traditional and simplified Chinese characters conversion or side by side compare, free Online Google Chinese Fonts. Users can also choose other fonts installed on their computer.
    可修改多音破音字、声调、直书横书、简体繁体转换、简繁,繁简对照。 字型可自选,汉字与拼音可组合不同字型,支援谷歌免费线上字型,也可选用您电脑安装的字型。